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Welcome to AgriHaven

...Creating wealth, health & value

Agri-tech Company
- Invest in farms
- Buy farm products
- Train local farmers

All made possible by Agrihaven Investments Ltd... An innovative, digital Agro Company focused on maximizing agricultural yield and creating wealth through a secure system of investment, production and distribution of a farm commodities, enabling everyone the opportunity to engage in Agri-busienss anytime and on the go.


Agrihaven is an innovative Agro-tech Company that allows you enage in agri-business from the comfort of your home;provides you with technical expertise and finance to champion agricultural activities; processes and maximizes availability of agro products for all and sundry there bygiving you the opportunity to participate in world effort to eradicate hunger.



We provide the platform that synergies the financial support of our investors and the effort of the farmers. Both providing a symbiotic relationshipo geared towards actuaizing maximum yield supply Agro products to all.

AgriHaven Investment Info

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Sign up today to become a member. Your rewarding opportunity to work partner with us!

Invest With Us

According to your financial disposition, choose any Agro-commodity and invest on it

Earn From Agro

Receive your ROI (Return of Investment) as at when due and stay satisfied working with us!

Our Commodities

Below is list of all our Agro-commodities

AgriHaven Investment Commodities

AgriHaven Investment Commodities

AgriHaven Investment Commodities

AgriHaven Investment Commodities

Our Agro-Investment Plans

Invest in any farm or commodity of your choice and get Monthly ROI or at the End of farming season or processing and sale of any farm commodity you choose

Our Progress

We are glad to show you the progress we have made so far!


Registered Investors

Our investors are working with us and giving us greate push to make limitless possibilities in Agro-production! 


ROI Payout

We have worked tirelessly to make all our investors happy by paying their ROI as at when due!



Farmers are giving in their best in making our agro-productions a greate success!

What Our Investors Are Saying

Over the years, we have experienced great joy working with the following investors

"Investing on AgriHaven Agro Communities is the best decision I have ever made in 2020.  Though initially, I was so skeptical about investing on them, but a friend who has benefited comminced me to give them a try, and so it started! Truely, they are down for serious agro-business and your ROI is guarranteed!"

Vivian Okere
Lagos, Nigeria

"I have great passion for Agriculture but my recent work schedule gave me no opportunity to farm. When I heard about AgriHaven on their online advert, I gave them a try with a Starter Pack. I was so much amazed the way they carried me along on the progress of the farm product I invested on. Not only did I receive my ROI as at when due, but I became part of their business life. I love their sincerity & hardwork!"

Kelvin Adeolu
Benue, Nigeria

Our Contacts


Km 12 Abakaliki/Ogoja Express Way,
13 Ike Street Beside Hilltop Road Abakaliki


(+234) 080 395 24 798


Working Hours:

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM (MON - SAT)


Km 12 Abakaliki/Ogoja Express Way,
13 Ike Street Beside Hilltop Road Abakaliki


Phone: (+234) 080 395 24 798,


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